Invitec ApS

Metal Milling in Ejby

Metal milling of documented quality.

Invitec Aps deliver documented quality milling to several industries in Denmark and abroad. You will find us at places with new development and innovation.

The highest level of quality

With a production facility in Denmark, we make sure that you and your company receive the best milling solutions available.
Quality is paramount for us. We are dedicated to quality and always make certain that we control and assure the highest level of quality.

Our quality is ISO9001- certified, which assures uniformity and precision of high quality at every delivery.

Flexible serial sizes
We produce components for a wide range of purposes. Our production facility combines both traditional, special and technological processes in the production of working, preparing and handling of metal, this means that we can handle all sizes from 1 to 10000 pieces.

The development, production and fitting take’s place within a continued dialog between us and the customer. We will exceed in meeting our customers’ needs.

Fast delivery

The combination of high flexibility and quality control enables Invitec Aps to meet the customers deadline. We deliver fast and efficiently to all of Denmark, and we export to amongst others Germany, Norway and France.

We make certain that the milling is of a high quality, at a good price and a fast and efficient delivery.

Anything in metal milling

With a comprehensive selection of machinery, we can solve and fulfill almost any challenge concerning metal milling.
We take care of the entire process from idea to delivery.
Invitec Aps provide and deliver milling of a high quality, at a very good price, fast and efficiently.