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About us

Dependability, quality and professionalism

Our work is always competitive measured on quality, price and service over time. Our customers know that we provide and deliver the agreed work in the agreed quality at the agreed time. We are dependable and we keep to our word.

Invitec Aps is a metal milling factory which is owned and run by the brothers Michael and Jimmy Hansen.
They founded the enterprise in September 2009 under the name of brothers Hansen machine Technik A/S and the company was converted to Invitec Aps in October 2012.
The company has since the start been through a major development and we have throughout the years invested in new and more modern equipment and CNC machinery.
We have a brand-new, purpose-built factory, which consist of 11 state of the art production machines, on which we can carry out extensive amounts of milling tasks.
Our efficient and well-maintained production machinery enables us to produce millings of uniformity and of the highest quality.
We have experience with milling tasks within turning and milling in various materials and our main competence is processing and working in steel and stainless steel.
We have recommendations, from amongst others, the windmill industry, the car industry as well as other larger and smaller production industries. We deliver fast and efficiently to all of Denmark, and we export overseas to Germany, Norway, France etc.

At Invitec we wish to have close contact with our customers, so we are assured that the expectations and demands for quality, along with deadlines, can be met at all times. Our continued dialog with our clients, makes it easier to be adaptable and flexible.
You are always welcome to contact us, if you have questions or want further information about a job in hand or anything related to our milling solutions.

From idea to delivery

We always provide millings of a high precision and quality, at a good price, fast an efficiently.

At Invitec Aps there is room for creativity, we don’t believe in set solutions, and we are an independent company without any economical restrictions.
We have an extensive selection of machinery, which enables us to travel new routes, in order to reach the best solutions concerning the job in hand.

Invitec is independent and we deliver millings of high quality for a good price, fast and efficiently.
If you want to know more whether it is about an actual assignment, or questions about what we can deliver, we would very much like to hear from you.

Would you like to know more?

Whether it is concerning a specific Milling project or questions about what we can deliver, then we would always like to hear from you.

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Phone us on +45 25 46 16 00 in order to receive more information about, what we can do for you.


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None-binding quotes

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